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Chelsea Lunders M.A.

Medical Anthropologist & Kambo Practitioner

My mission for Wild Fauna Wellness is to offer the potential gifts of Kambo and other forms of nature based healing to enhance well-being in all the ways! Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul. 

Through loving partnership with our plant and animal companions here on this Earth, I want to empower my human community in North America to take charge of our health, and be conscious and active participants in how we LIVE in these incredibility interesting times.

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Experience Kambo in Nature's Comfort

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Location & Session Types

One-on-One, Couples, Groups

I offer sessions in a variety of beautiful natural settings just outside of Mancos, Colorado. I can also come to you for in-home sessions throughout Colorado and the Southwestern U.S. (travel fees may apply).

When working to address specific ailments, 3 sessions within a week may be recommended. Otherwise, Kambo is recommended every 4-6 weeks. Details on what is best for you can be discussed in a phone consultation prior to your session.

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My Training & Expertise

I have worked as a Medical Anthropologist for over 10 years, studying the culture of health and healing in American society, as well as other cultures around the world.

I began working with Kambo in 2018 and discovered it's potential to support those seeking holistic care that empowers each one of us to create a healthy connection with our bodies.

I completed my Kambo practitioner training with Jason Fellows and Kelly Lamb of Tribal Detox in April 2020.

Today I continue to explore modalities and ancestral medicine from around the world, seeking out the tools that translate well in my own culture to fill gaps and serve my community's wellness journey.

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More Certifications & Things

Health Care Research & Innovation

I have worked for over 10 years in the field of health care, conducing qualitative and quantitative research focused on solving problems within the culture of medicine and healing in the United States. As a medical anthropologist I specialize in understanding challenges from many different perspectives and taking cross-cultural approaches to innovation in health care. I have listened to the stories of many on healing journeys of all kinds, as well as the stories of the professionals who provide care. This career offers me deep understanding of the intricacies of health and healing, and allows me to hone my art of healing listening.

Certified Ho'oponopono Practitioner

Ho'oponopono is a Hawaiian practice of reconciliation and forgiveness. Forgiveness practices are performed throughout the islands of South Pacific to overcome illness and enhance well-being. Ho'oponopono, translating in English simply as "correction", is a special practice that compliments Kambo by enhancing our ability to release, cleanse, and put energies in our body and spirit into order...tidy up.

End-of-Life Specialist

As a Hospice volunteer I have completed a series of trainings regarding transitions through dying and death, as well as loss and grief. My own experience with loss has certainly provided the greatest teachings in the grief process, and I am now honored to provide support to those experiencing these profound transitions. End-of-life is a truly beautiful stage in the cycle of life and I believe in capturing the gifts it has to offer to all.

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Chelsea is very beautiful, kind and compassionate. It truly felt like a sacred experience. I really enjoyed her presence and sharing some stories of my healing journey. I felt that she was an amazing listener, and was able to share her wisdom that helped me in my path. I highly recommend Chelsea, she is a highly gifted Kambo practitioner. I absolutely would visit her again to take Kambo and enjoy a nice hike in the mountains.

Canon City, Colorado


My Kambo session with Chelsea was profound, symbiotic and powerful. My experience with the Kambo itself felt both intuitive and collaborative, and Chelsea creates a safe, supportive and receptive space for the work. Chelsea is a rare wise-woman embodying her passion for healing trauma and supporting our community to fully experience living in truth and joy!


Cortez, Colorado


Was a great experience. Chelsea made the environment very welcoming. I felt at peace with the ambiance she had set up, which made it easy to try Kambo for the first time. I felt taken care of and let the Kambo flow through me. It made me feel very focused and relaxed. I definitely noticed the effects long after - eased anxiety, focus, and general wellbeing. I will definitely be going back for another session.

Jody G.
Durango, Colorado


My Kambo session was amazing. The space Chelsea set up felt so peaceful and safe. The whole experience was wonderful and easy to flow through. Kambo left me feeling incredibly energetic, healthy and clear. I felt like my first session with Chelsea opened up a new beginning for me in my life. I'm very grateful for Chelsea and her connection to Kambo.

Cortez, Colorado


My partner and I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea for our very first Kambo session and she blew us away with the level of ease and comfort she provided. After hearing stories of how rough it can be, mentally and physically, we were prepared for an emotional armageddon. Instead, she greeted us with a peaceful outdoor lounge complete with the sounds of nature. Chelsea gracefully guided us along the journey from our initial consultation to after care with tea, snacks, and afterthoughts. She took great care to make sure there wouldn't be contradictions with any of our supplements or medications and walked us through the entire process before we began. Although our Kambo experience was still intense, Chelsea made it feel like a breeze.

Shane & Luisa


My experience with two sessions of Kambo have each been unique, but both have been profound. I find this medicine to be collaborative, gentle, yet insistent and powerful, and a precipitant of important insights that start during ceremony and continue to develop over time. Chelsea is a deeply wise and intuitive practitioner, who creates a beautiful space both physically and energetically. She is skilled at providing support, while allowing you to have your authentic experience. An awesome medicine and setting for personal growth work.

Cortez, Colorado


This was my first experience with Kambo. I didn't know what to expect and was nervous before I met with Chelsea. She put all that apprehension aside. Chelsea created a really beautiful setting. She did an excellent job of explaining everything and I felt very safe and informed. The day I did the Kambo I couldn't get a good read on if I felt any benefit because I felt odd, which is pretty normal for a first time from what she said. The next morning I woke up feeling great. That may not seem like much but it is for me because I never wake up feeling good. My mood was better and my arthritis pain was greatly lessened for a while. I look forward to doing more sessions. Thanks Chelsea for a great and beneficial experience.

Durango, Colorado

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