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Kambo is the secretion of a sacred tree frog found in abundance in the Amazon basin. The Kambo experience is profound and the benefits are vast.

A series of bioactive peptides found in Kambo enter your bloodstream through small "gates" in the skin, and circulate in search of where you need support.

Wild Fauna Wellness is based in Mancos Colorado and serves Kambo across Colorado and the Southwestern US. 


What is Kambo?

Kambo is a secretion produced by Phyllomedusa Bicolor, a frog found in abundance across the Amazon basin. 

Kambo has long been used by several Amazonian tribes to increase strength and stamina, and disperse negative energy. It is applied by a trained practitioner through small burns or "gates" in the skin.

Kambo is rich in bioactive peptides, and has been studied by western scientists since the 1980's. The peptides found in Kambo are known to have many positive effects in the human body, and people have experienced Kambo's gifts of well-being for thousands of years.


The Kambo Experience

Kambo is often referred to as an "ordeal medicine". The experience ranges from soothing to intense. It comes with a brief period of discomfort in which you will feel the onset of flu like symptoms for 5-10 minutes. These effects are normal and short-lived, and your practitioner is there for you throughout the process.

The discomfort of Kambo is generally followed by a euphoric state and a heightened sense of wellbeing. Some feel particularly energized after the session, while others rest in peaceful relaxation. 


Meet Your Practitioner

Chelsea Lunders

Medical Anthropologist & Kambo Practitioner


​I Feel Alive and So In Love with Life!

I want my clients to know that you are your own healer. My mission for Wild Fauna Wellness is to offer the potential gifts of Kambo and other forms of nature based healing to enhance well-being in all the ways!

Body, Mind, Spirit & Soul. 

Through loving partnership with our plant and animal companions here on this Earth, I want to empower my human community in North America to take charge of our health, and be conscious and active participants in how we LIVE in these incredibility interesting times.


Recent Testimonials


My experience with two sessions of Kambo have each been unique, but both have been profound. I find this medicine to be collaborative, gentle, yet insistent and powerful, and a precipitant of important insights that start during ceremony and continue to develop over time. Chelsea is a deeply wise and intuitive practitioner, who creates a beautiful space both physically and energetically. She is skilled at providing support, while allowing you to have your authentic experience. An awesome medicine and setting for personal growth work.

Dawn S.
Cortez, Colorado


This was my first experience with Kambo. I didn't know what to expect and was nervous before I met with Chelsea. She put all that apprehension aside. Chelsea created a really beautiful setting. She did an excellent job of explaining everything and I felt very safe and informed. The day I did the Kambo I couldn't get a good read on if I felt any benefit because I felt odd, which is pretty normal for a first time from what she said. The next morning I woke up feeling great. That may not seem like much but it is for me because I never wake up feeling good. My mood was better and my arthritis pain was greatly lessened for a while. I look forward to doing more sessions. Thanks Chelsea for a great and beneficial experience.

Durango, Colorado


My partner and I had the pleasure of working with Chelsea for our very first Kambo session and she blew us away with the level of ease and comfort she provided. After hearing stories of how rough it can be, mentally and physically, we were prepared for an emotional armageddon. Instead, she greeted us with a peaceful outdoor lounge complete with the sounds of nature.
Chelsea gracefully guided us along the journey from our initial consultation to after care with tea, snacks, and afterthoughts. She took great care to make sure there wouldn't be contradictions with any of our supplements or medications and walked us through the entire process before we began. Although our Kambo experience was still intense, Chelsea made it feel like a breeze.

Luisa & Shane

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